24 Tips

On his WhizBang Training web site, retailing guru Bob Negen offers 24 tips to "boost your sales and save your sanity" during this busy time of the year.  There’s still plenty of time to incorporate some of them into your plans. 

In general, Bob is telling us to work hard, stay healthy, and have fun.  The advise is good.  Check it out.

2 Responses

  1. No wonder Tacony is leaving Miele in the dust. Case in point. I wanted to run an Ad for christmas, they restrict you so badly it’s no more than an National ad that does not fit my local market. I asked them to reconsider there descision on good solid points, No dice. So now all ads will be Simplicity with a small Miele ad in one of the corners.

  2. Ralph,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I’ve always felt it best not to comment on the competition, but we appreciate your support of our products.

    I’ve posted on this many times. Every consumer is different. Every dealer is different. Every market is different. That’s why most of our business units do limited national advertising. Over the last 60 years, we’ve found that the best ads are local ads.

    While we may provide you with ad slicks, we understand that you know your market better than we do. We’re happy to tell you what’s working for other dealers, but the local market is your call.

    Thank you for sharing your experience and for your support of Tacony Corporation.

    Merry Christmas!

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