Beware the Grinch

From the Billings (MT) Gazette, of all places, comes an interesting article of the perils of the upcoming busy season for retailers.  It’s a good reminder that there are bad guys (and gals) out there who want to literally steal your hard-earned profits.

The next few days before Thanksgiving might be a good time to sit down with your staff and review your security policies.  Remember that shrinkage comes right out of the bottom line.  If  you work on a 10% net profit, for every dollar that’s stolen from you, you have to do an additional $10.00 in sales to make it up.  Obviously, the loss of a $200.00 item means you need an additional $2,000.00 in sales. 

It goes without saying that you should keep an eye on your merchandise.  November and December are also no time to get lax about credit card sales and about taking checks.  If you don’t have a formal security plan, now’s the time to make one and be sure that everyone who works in your store knows what it is.  That includes repair techs and delivery people as well as those who work in the store. provides links to some articles on the topic of retail security that you might want to read.

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