Google and Quick Books

From comes the news that Google, the web’s number 1 search engine and Intuit, maker of QuickBooks accounting software, have joined forces to provide new functionality to owners of small businesses.  This is in no way an endorsement for either company, but since QuickBooks is used by nearly 4 million small businesses, you may find this very interesting.

With QuickBooks 2007, which is scheduled to be released this fall, users will be able to:

  • Have their location(s) automatically listed on Google Maps.
  • Have the items they carry listed in Google Base, a searchable on-line database for consumers.
  • Create Google AdWords campaigns from within the QuickBooks software.
  • Create a web site by filling out a form in QuickBooks.
  • Perform a Google search of their own computer and the Internet from within the accounting software.

According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt this is just the beginning of the collaboration between Google and Intuit.  Since Google is a market leader in on-line tools, you can expect competitors, particularly Microsoft and Yahoo to offer something similar in the near future.

There’s a good article about the Intuit/Google marriage in the Oakland Tribune, and at

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