Event Marketing

From Mike Santoro’s Nailing Customers, here’s a post, Eight Truths to Running a Good Customer Event, on Nike’s recent Run Hit Remix, held in Chicago.  While you’re not likely to run an event on the scale of the Nike event (more than 10,000 participants), Mike’s ideas are certainly worth considering for an event of any size. 

1.  Know your demographic.  Make sure your event attracts your customers and prospects.  Don’t waste your money on people who aren’t going to buy from you.

2.  Make it spectacular.  You may not have Nike-type money to spend on promotions, but a typical, run-of-the-mill event really isn’t worth your time or the expense.  Think outside the box.  What can you do to make an event bigger and better than anything your competitors are doing?

3.  Promote it well.  Notice that Nike’s best promotion was word of mouth.

4.  Invite prospects too.  Don’t just contact current customers.  You want your event to generate new customers.

5.  Collect information to build your mailing list.  Whatever type of event you run, make sure it includes a mechanism to get participants names and email addresses.

6.  Offer a taste to leave them wanting more.  Include hands-on demos, or samples of your products, anything to let them experience your products.

7.  Bring in partners for support. This is one that’s often overlooked.  Who else would like a chance to talk to your customers?  Invite them in.  Have them help you promote the event. They get exposure to your customers and you get exposure to theirs.  It’s a win/win.

8.  Show off your product.  Give your customers and prospects every possible opportunity to see (and buy) your products.

I would add a number 9.  Make sure the local media is aware of your event, especially if you’re spending ad money with them.  An article on your event, preferably with pictures, is great advertising, and it’s free.

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