WhizBang! Tips

For our non-sewing readers, Baby Lock Tech is our annual educational event for our authorized Baby Lock Sewing Machine dealers.  This year’s edition was held this week here in St. Louis.  It’s one of the premier dealer events in the sewing industry.

One of this year’s presenters was Bob Negen, owner of WhizBang Training and an expert on successful independent retailing.  He put on an excellent program with some solid advice on  how to improve retail sales.

One of the things Bob’s company does is to put out a weekly email "Tip of the Week".  One recent tip was provocatively titled "Sleep in Your Customer’s Bed".  He tells the story of Tom LaTour, CEO of Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants.  LaTour makes it a point to spend at least 38 nights every year sleeping in his hotels.  That’s how he knows if his customers are having the type of experience that he wants them to have.

Bob goes on to point out some of the things that you might do to "sleep in your customer’s bed" like buying something from your own store or using the customers’ rest room.  It’s very easy to become so familiar with your store that you look right past the things that really annoy your customers.

Bob puts out a new tip every week and they’re free.  You can subscribe at the WhizBang! web site.  I’ve also put a link to Bob’s web site in the Link’s List in the left hand column of this page.

Have a great weekend!

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