Some Serious Information for Travelers

As you know, recent events have pushed the United States Terrorist Alert level up to orange, the second highest color.  Airport security has tightened considerably and there’s a new list of items that can and can’t be carried on a plane.

Since many of our dealers are going to be visiting St. Louis next week for Baby Lock Tech, our big annual sewing event, an update on the current rules might be in order.  Here’s a link to the "Transportation Safety Administration’s (TSA) current list of prohibited items.

Keep in mind that sharp, pointy things are still prohibited, but now virtually all liquids and gels are also banned.  According to the TSA site:

"To ensure the health and welfare of certain air travelers the following items are permitted.

You are permitted to bring solid cosmetics and personal hygiene
items as such lipstick, lip balm and similar solids. Please remember
these items must be solid and not liquid, gel or aerosol."

That’s it.  If it comes in a bottle, can, jar or tube, they’re probably going to make you throw it away.  Don’t think that they’re going to make exceptions, because they’re not.  If you try to sneak a container of Jello on the plane, they’re going to delay you and all the people in line behind you while they search your baggage.

The new rules also require that everybody remove their shoes and send them through the X-ray machine.  If you’re going to fly, do yourself and everyone else a favor and don’t wear shoes or boots that are hard to get on and off. 

Air travel isn’t as much fun as it used to be, but we all want to be safe.  Get there early, plan for delays, and leave the hair gel in your checked luggage.

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