Everyone likes something free.  Here’s something that’s free and could be a boost to your business.  Today Google, the top search engine (among other things) on the web announced that it’s offering free printable coupons on its Google Maps service.

Here’s how it works: 

If you don’t have a Google account, you’ll have to set one up first.  To set up an account, click here.  It only takes a few minutes and it’s free. If you have a Google account go to the Google Local Business Center.



Click on the "Locations" tab and fill in your business information.  You can list one or more locations.  Then click on the "Coupons" tab and fill in the information for your coupon offer. 

That’s it.  In a few hours, your coupon will appear along with your map listing.

When a consumer searches Google for your type of business, yours will be listed along with a notation that you’re offering a coupon.

Here’s how it looks:


When the customer clicks on the word "Coupons>", they’ll be taken to a printable page like this:



Every day millions of people search Google Maps. The great equalizer is the fact that your map pin is exactly the same size as everyone else’s.

Coupons are a very effective form of advertising, especially when a consumer has searched for your type of business.  If the search returns several businesses, your coupon might just be the tie-breaker.


Let us know how it works for you.

Added 2:24 PM 8/15/06  There’s another good explanation at Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Watch.


3 Responses

  1. Next Up at Google, Local Coupons

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    Im beginning to believe that Google wants to be synonymous with Internet, Google Videos, Google Maps, Google News, Google Talk, Google Coupons, everywhe…

  2. who doesn’t want freebies? i’m in.

  3. Thanks for the information…I bookmarked your site, and I appreciate your time and effort to make your blog a success!

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