A New (?) Way to Advertise

At Mine Your Own Business, we’re firm believers in effective advertising, but here’s a story from USA Today about ads on air sickness bags.  US Airways is introducing the barf bag ads beginning this fall.  Obvious tie-ins are dramamine and other motion sickness products.  Ads for Pizza Hut and Chili’s seem unlikely.

I wonder how the ads will be placed?  Will the ad be on the inside or the outside?  If it’s on the outside, should it be right-side-up, or up-side-down?  Think about it.

Finally, in case you’re interested, there’s actually an on-line Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum, a walk down memory lane for queasy travelers.  One interesting item, a TWA bag from 1981 featuring an ad for photo finishing.  I guess it’s not such a new idea after all.

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