Penny Wise Travel Part 3

From comes the third of four installments on saving money on business travel.  This time the subject is incidental expenses.  Some things are pretty basic, some are more exotic.  For example the writer suggests shipping clothing to yourself via FedEx, rather than carrying a lot of clothes that are going to get wrinkled in transit.  You’ll save money by receiving a package of clean, pressed shirts half way through your trip, rather than having to pay for laundry service at the hotel.

Taking the bus or subway, rather than a taxi, may be a good idea, depending on where you are.  Make sure you check with the local to make sure you’re not venturing off into dangerous territory.  Don’t forget to inquire about the hotel’s car service.  Some will take you to and from your destination at no charge.  It never hurts to ask.

One thing to watch out for is the suggestion to have business cards printed at one of the cheap, on-line web sites.  The prices are great, but many of these "services" subsidize their low prices by selling your information to mass mailers.

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