Fun, Fun, Fun

Hopefully you’re one of those people who hop out of bed in
the morning with a smile on your face, ready to greet the day. After all, we live in the greatest country in
the world. We have the freedom to make
our livings any way we choose. For the
most part, the economy is good and people are spending money.

 As an entrepreneur, you have a great deal of freedom, but as
with all freedoms, you also have responsibilities. You have bills to pay, payroll to meet, and a
host of other little things to do that can sometimes be overwhelming. [The word  “overwhelmed” literally means covered by
water.]  For the sake of argument, let’s assume that
the plusses outnumber the minuses or you wouldn’t be in business. But, there may be days…………

 Two bloggers who’ve been quoted here before, Tom Peters and
John Jantsch, have written in the last two days on the subject of being happy
on the job.

In a post called “Att-i-tude!”,
Peters writes on the pleasant people he found at Starbucks and Whole Foods. It’s a short post which concludes, “I remain
amazed.” and that’s too bad. It’s not
too bad that these two companies hire and train happy, pleasant people. It’s too bad that it’s “amazing”. Shouldn’t being nice to the customers be the
first line on everyone’s job description? Why would anyone leave their most important asset, their customers, in
the hands of someone who doesn’t have a positive attitude?

Jantsch’s post is called
The Secret of Marketing is Enjoying the Ride". John is a small business marketing consultant
so naturally, his topic is marketing. But, his
main point is similar to Peters’: “Lighten
up, bottle your enthusiasm, make it easy for people to experience your
expertise and then hit the phones (or virtual pavement.) Fun in contagious and
its counters, fear, hesitation and cynicism are real marketing turn-offs.
Prospects are drawn to people and companies that exude enthusiasm — everyone
wants a piece of that.”

Modern society doesn’t
encourage one-on-one personal contact. You can buy just about anything you want over the internet. You can fill up your gas tank paying at the
pump so that even this most basic transaction can be carried out without the
necessity of speaking to another human being. You can even order groceries on-line, pay by credit card, and have them
delivered to your house with a notation to leave them on the front step.

When we do get the
chance to meet one another in person, all any of us really want if a pleasant
experience. Sadly, in many retail
establishments, this may not happen. If
you really want to set yourself apart, make shopping with you fun. Word of mouth marketing is free
marketing. Treat your customer so well
that she can’t wait to tell her friends, “You’ll never guess what happened to
me today…..”

There’s a local chain of discount liquor stores in St. Louis whose tag line is "Cheap, Cheap, Fun, Fun!"  Their "spokesperson" is someone dressed up in a tacky chicken suit.  (Cheep, Cheep.  Get it?)  They may be a little cheaper than their competitors, I’m not sure, but their employees are always pleasant and helpful and their stores are always busy. 

So, happy employees (and owners) lead to happy customers who tell their friends.  Guess what else? If you encourage a happy, fun, friendly
environment, you’re going to attract and retain the best employees. And, your own life will be a lot more
pleasant, too.



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