White Knuckle Flyers

Southwest Airlines has an excellent blog called "Nuts About Southwest" where employees post on a variety of topics.  One regular contributor is Captain Ray Stark.  Today he writes about turbulence, you know the stuff that makes the plane shake like a wet dog and makes you think you’re about to become a statistic?

Cap’n Stark gives an interesting explanation of what causes turbulence and why it doesn’t make planes fall out of the sky.  He asks, "When was the last time you heard of an airliner falling apart because of bumps at cruise? I cannot remember such an event."  He’s right.  It just doesn’t happen.

He describes the procedure for breaking the wing off an aircraft during testing.  The wing will bend almost seventeen feet before it breaks off.  Interesting stuff!  If you’re a white knuckle flyer, this article may put your mind a little more at ease the next time the pilot turns on the "fasten seat belts" sign.


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