Ken Tacony Inducted into Sewing and Vacuum Dealers’ Hall of Fame

[From Tacony News, our in-house news letter]

Like father, like son; Ken Tacony joined his dad, Nick, as a member of the Hall of Fame at this year’s VDTA (Vacuum Dealers’ Trade Association) show.

Dealer after dealer congratulated Ken and let him know how much they appreciate his leadership in the sewing and vacuum indsutries.  People went out of their way to compliment him on his integrity and to express how much they enjoy knowing him and doing business with our Company.  Dealers were bragging about the number of years they have been getting merchandise from us and recalling their memories of Nick and Ken, when he was just beginning his career.

What a great way to start our 60th anniversary year.

Read about our company history in this article from the VDTA.

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