Process Is Our Friend

Normally, I’m not crazy about the term "guru."  Maybe it’s because I’d like to be one and I’m not.  But, if anyone qualifies for the term "marketing guru", it’s probably Seth Godin.  He’s the author of several successful marketing books and has a great web site and blog.

Today, in a post called, "Why are you afraid of process?" he writes about the advantages of processes as "your ace in the hole when your intuition stops working."  Most of us take great pride in our intuition, our ability to innovate, our creativity.  Retailers, especially independent retailers, usually go into the business because we’re either good at our craft (sewing, repair, design, etc.) or because we’re good at selling.  That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re good at running a business.

If we put repeatable processes in place, for example software that figures our payroll, or a good POS system to control our inventory, that frees up our time to do the things that we do well.  We might as well face it, no one is ever going to be as good as we are at our core competencies (at least not in our minds).  Why would we want to spend more time than necessary on other things?

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